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Company News

Art Lantern Show in Chongqing

This project is located in Qianjiang District,Chongqing,China. The total investment of this project is 6 million RMB.
It lasts 3 months from design to production to ensure all the products with high quality and good shape.
We provided 26 sets of lanterns and  lots of tree lighting.This district was full of lanterns,
and installed  the symbolic lanterns at entrance of express way and the city plaza.
The biggest lanterns is  120 meters long and 10 meters high  .
It was named as the favorite lantern and  took part in  the photo contest of CCTV, and earned Awards of Excellence.

The lantern show was ended on March 20,2019.
It attracted large numbers of tourists,receiving 10 thousand vistors per day on average.
It has promoted the development and progress of tourism industry in Qianjiang.

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